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One Stop Solution For Creative And Innovative DesignsWhy Choose DMezi For Your Website Designing & Development In Austin?

At DMezi Website Design Services, we offer a full range of Website Design and Development services. We take website design seriously so that your website can help you to grow your business or organization. Our process is straightforward, with common sense approaches and clear communication. We enjoy working with people who want to make their websites work for them and we’re willing to invest the time into making sure you are happy with the end result.

We will work with you from the start of your ideas to the end. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and help you reach them faster than you ever expected. We can always help with any questions about your website that you may have and are always happy to take a call if we can’t find an answer for you. We create websites using modern standards so that they will look good and perform equally well on all platforms, be it mobile devices or PCs. We build websites using HTML5, CSS3 and other modern technologies while keeping in mind compatibility issues with related browser versions and devices.

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  • Increase in Rankings
  • Eye catching Website
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  • Value for Money Services
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Why We Are Different From Others?Why Website Design And Development Is The Great Option For Your Brand

A website design can be the most important investment your company makes. It is critical to get this right on the first try. Website design and development should be every business’s priority because it is one of the best ways to engage your audience, build credibility and trust, and increase revenue. These three aspects are essential for any brand looking to succeed in the world of e-commerce or small business marketing, and a website design will help accomplish all of those goals if executed correctly.

The design team at Dmezi specializes in creating websites that are unique for each client’s needs with a modern perspective on aesthetics. Website design will help you succeed in multiple areas of your business, such as customer retention, lead generation, branding, customer acquisition and website functionality. These things are important whether you are launching a new website or you want to take your current site to the next level. A short-term marketing campaign might help you with lead generation or social media marketing might help with brand awareness, but only a strong design can make sure that your site performs over the long term.

  • WordPress Experts
  • Website Analysis
  • Logo Design
  • eCommerce Web Design

SEO StatsAs per recent studies:


SEO and organic traffic, according to 61% of B2B marketers, produce more leads than any other marketing strategy.


At the moment, Google (+ Google Images) has 91.94% of the market share for search engines, followed by Bing.


The average click-through rate for the first page returned by a Google search is 32%.


Search engine leads have a 14.6% close rate, compared to 1.7% for outbound leads (cold phoning, direct mail, etc.).


of consumers choose not to click on paid banner adverts and exclusively use organic search results instead.

Our Web Design & Development Services In AustinGrow Business With Creative Website Design (Austin)

WordPress Experts

WordPress is a popular blogging platform, but it’s also a powerful CMS (content management system) that can run your entire website. From small blogs to large news websites and e-commerce sites, WordPress serves them all. We help power both emerging brands and well-established companies with our expert knowledge of this versatile software. Our WordPress experts specialize in creating custom websites that are tailored to your needs and help you get the word out about what you do.

Content Writing

Our content writing services are the perfect solution for businesses that want to grow their online presence and boost online sales by increasing their search engine visibility. Our content writing services will make sure your website is appealing to visitors and improves their browsing experience by including language that is relevant to the target audience. Let us help you get the upper hand in today's competitive marketplace by offering professional content writing services at a great price.

eCommerce Web Design

Our eCommerce web design services are specifically designed to facilitate the shopping experience, in order to maximize conversions and increase revenue for our clients. We are a team of talented designers, developers and eCommerce strategists who excel in creating an outstanding customer experience that is both beautiful, easy to navigate and user-friendly. All of our designs are fully responsive meaning they flawlessly adapt to all device sizes - from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Website Hosting

Our customers' needs are paramount to us, and we make sure that we meet them with effective solutions every step of the way. With our advanced hosting packages, you can host multiple websites for free. We make certain that this takes place by providing two-way communication between our customer service team and their clients. We offer 24/7 customer service via email or through our support forms on the web – ensuring that all queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Responsive Web Design

Our responsive Web Design services will help you make your site look more modern, mobile-friendly, and responsive. We are able to provide you with the most advanced web design technology at a competitive price point for all your business needs. We build custom solutions from scratch according to the client's needs and specifications. We are able to provide you with the most advanced web design technology at a competitive price point for all your business needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you type something into the search bar at Google, you are actually entering keywords that tell the search engine what you want to know. In other words, Google sorts through pages with similar topics and displays listings of those page results accordingly. Dmezi helps in ranking pages on your site according to the keywords you want to target. The more targeted your keywords, the higher your page will rank in search results. For more information on our SEO services contact now.

SEO FAQ'sDMezi offer affordable website design services in Austin

Our Company offers a number of services that can help you to improve your organic rankings in any Google Search Engine.

Depending on who you ask, there are a variety of styles of web design. The most basic are templates, which are designs that have been locked into a layout and therefore cannot be edited without redoing the entire website. Responsive/adaptive websites utilize different background images, text, and sections to suit whatever device is being used. There is also the customisation design where users can choose how their content will appear on their website by creating different pages that differ from one another.

Web design is the art of taking two dimensional layouts and turning them into three-dimensional graphics. What is a custom web design? It’s a website that has been specifically tailored for an individual or business. A custom web design can include the incorporation of logos, fonts, colors, imagery or any other company or personal branding elements desired.
A custom web site lets you control every aspect of your online presence and identity so it reflects who you are and what you want to convey. You’re in control from start to finish — from the look and feel of your site to how it functions on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

The short answer is, “Yes.”

It’s definitely a breeze to learn, but you might have to spend some time figuring out how everything works. And that’s actually a good thing because it means you’ll use the tools better when you’re done. The only exceptions are complex things like installing plugins and themes as well as some of the content-specific functions (like taxonomies). WordPress is easy to use and versatile in terms of functionality, making it an excellent choice for beginners who want something low-complexity with plenty of power.

But if you know more about your skillset than what should be required for learning WordPress (or other CMS frameworks), then this may not be enough

WordPress is an excellent platform for online publishing, with a huge number of plugins and themes available to help you tweak the design of your site. It’s also well-supported by hosting providers and generally easier to install than many other CMSs out there. There are, however, some disadvantages to WordPress that every new user should be aware of before starting their site.

If you’re a beginner at WordPress and want to install it to your own web hosting (for example, with GoDaddy), this post is for you.

In this guest blog post by America’s Tech Expert, we walk through the steps of installing WordPress in your very own site. If you need help finding web hosting, we’ve got that covered too!

Website developers will have a lot of fun with WordPress—it’s the open source content management system for all sorts of projects! This platform has evolved over time into one that is easy to use and customize. It also uses a custom back end with many different functionalities in order to customize what every user needs.

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